The Milan metro opens from 6:30 in the morning and until 00:30 at night. Tickets can be purchased at stops, kiosks and tobacconists.

It has 4 lines numbered and differentiated by colors:

- Line M1 (red): Pass by the Duomo and San Babila.

- Line M2 (green): Pass by the Central Station.

- Line M3 (yellow): Stops at the Duomo, at Montenapoleone Street (the most important commercial area of ​​Milan) and at the Central Station.

- Line M4 (purple): It is a line that integrates with regional trains. Some of the stops are the San Siro Stadium and Garibaldi station.

In the main stations its frequency of passage is between 2 and 4 minutes. In the last stops of the M2 line it can be up to 30 minutes.

Downloadable map: https://www.milan.org.es/mapa-metro-milan

Trolley car

It is the widest means of transport and one of the best ways to get around the city. It has 18 tram lines that run through Milan from 4: 30-5: 00 in the morning until 2: 00-2: 30 at night.

They are numbered from 1 to 33 and can be purchased at metro stops, newsagents and tobacconists. As with the subway, bonuses and tickets can be purchased in advance, but it must be validated on the machines.

Downloadable map: http://www.orangesmile.com/guia-turistica/milan/mapa-tranvias.htm


This is the second best way to get around Milan. It has more than 80 bus lines, available from 5: 30-6: 00 in the morning until 00: 30-1: 45 at night. In addition it also offers the night bus service, with 15 routes, from 2:00 to 5:00 in the morning, with the same price as a single ticket.

About the bonobus: https://www.atm.it/it/ViaggiaConNoi/Abbonamenti/Pagine/Tesseraelettronic.aspx


Taxis in this city have a relatively high price, but on some occasions the comfort and speed of this means of transport is preferable. They are usually white or yellow and are available at the stops near the train and subway stations. They can also be requested by phone but you have to take into account that the meter starts working since the taxi driver receives the call.

The best known taxi companies in Milan are:

  • Radiotaxi: Tel. +39 02 6969.
  • Taxi Blu: Tel. +39 02 4040.
  • Taxi Freccia: Tel. +39 02 4000.
  • Taxi Milano: Tel. +39 02 5353.


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